Hello,and welcome to Janshakti

We evolved in 1965 and since we “Janshakti Industries” established as the eminent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Commercial kitchen Equipments for Hotel, Restaurant, Canteen and Catering Including Products like: Wet Grinder, High Speed Grinder, Work Tables, Gas Cooking Range, Roomali Roti Stand, Dosa Plate, Potato Peeler, Chapati Puffer, Display Counter, Sink Unit, Bain Marie and Idli Steamer. Our products are known in market for various features and appreciated among our clientle.

About us


What We Offer..?

  • Kitchen Planning & Layout
  • Manufacturing of Commercial Kitchen Equipments
  • L.P.G. Pipe Line Installations
  • Installation & Commissioning of Equipments

Industries We Serve

  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Hospital Canteens
  • Industrial Canteens
  • Educational Institutes
  • Food Courts
  • Fast Food
  • Bakeries
  • Food Wagons
  • Food Kiosks
  • Religious / Charitable Canteens

Why Janshakti Industries..?

  • In House Strategic Manufacturing Unit
  • Experience of More than 45 years in Industry
  • Believes in Long Term Customer Relations
  • Ethical & Transparent Operational Policies
  • Strong Service Back Up

How We Work

  • Kitchen ideation / Planning
  • Quotation Submit & Approval
  • Production of Finalised Material
  • Material Inspection
  • Final Billing
  • Dispatch of Material
  • Installation at Site

Always Remember

“Kitchen is Heart Of Restaurant” Plan Better.Work Efficiently, Enjoy

Benefits of well Designed And Organised Kitchen

  • Staff will enjoy working
  • Less staff turn over
  • Enables maintaining cleanliness & hygienic working conditions
  • Smooth Operations in rush hours
  • Quick Service to Customers
  • Less Waiting = Happy & Satisfied Customer

Quality Facts, We Should Know..

Customers who are new to industry gets influenced by the low priced equipments, but in long run, those products itself proves more costly. As we all know “Cheap products can never have Quality & Quality Products can never have Cheap Prices.”

Best Quality

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Our Customers

Our Testimonials

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